Sell produce more efficiently

Track detail costs per sale and shipment, track values for consignment sales as they occur and manage grower payments through a variety of pools.

Key Features

FreshSales provides detailed management of sales and trading costs, accurate calculation of grower payments and comprehensive financial reporting.



Create orders and order lines with integrated order sending & splitting to sub-sites or suppliers.

Order revisions

Trading costs



View inventory in store, allocated and loaded out.

Track inventory by shipment

Transfers to other coolstores

Tracking of packaging and pallet bases



Invoicing by shipment and option for creation of Buyer Created Invoices

Credit notes

Integration with financial packages and optional "payments received" processing for invoices. 



Exchange order and load-out files with a coolstore application.

Import packed quantities from a packhouse application.

Transfer value of sales to third party grower payments application. • Interface to accounting suites.

Create payment files

Interface to major marketers e.g. T&G

Grower Payments


Allocate fruit quantities to grower pools

Pool payments

Advance payments

Progress payments

GST calculation

Carry over grower balances

Move growers out of pool

Deductions after pool and tax calculation



Send grower payment advices

Pool summary reporting

Export data into Excel

Comprehensive sales analyses.

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