Control your labour costs

Analyse your labour costs by using pre-determined shift templates, record downtime and calculate cost per tray.

Key Features

Packhouse labour can easily be one of your greatest costs. Shift Analysis is web-based application which provides real-time production data and costs by site, production area (e.g. grader, repack table etc.) and shift.

Shift Analysis


Track labour costs and manage staff numbers

Keep to production targets

Hour-by-hour cost analysis and production information as the shift progresses 



Accessible from anywhere with a broadband connection

Multi-user access, administrator controlled

Sharing of key information for multi-site businesses in real time 

Downtime Analysis


Record and track downtime

Analyse downtime in detail by userdefined categories

Report on downtime to observe trends and identify areas for improvement

Track throughput losses and reasons



Real-time production data

View current trays/hour and cost/tray

Show reasons for and duration of downtime

Shift Templates


User-defined shift templates with user defined roles for easy daily set-up

Set up labour costs against different roles

Different access levels - i.e. hide salary information from general users



Key performance indicators

Production reports

Easy to use pivot tables

Exports to various file formats

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