Insights from your central data warehouse

Use FreshInsights as your central data warehouse - pulling in data from all relevant systems.

Key Features

FreshInsights aggregates all your data from multiple applications in one central place, allowing you to gain insights into your business like never before. 



Make decisions faster, based on  correct information

Track performance across your organisation 

Reduce time spent updating and passing around Excel spreadsheets

Avoid user error related to importing or manually updating data in Excel

Unlimited user access included in license

Tailored Data


Similar look and feel to Excel spreadsheets but more easily locked down and shared

Build high-level overviews

Easy access to information tailored to you

Arrange, filter and format into personalised save-able layouts

Centralised Data


One source of the truth for all users

Combines data from multiple sources

Maintains data integrity

Auto-refresh on configurable schedule

Dashboards / BI


Can be configured to drive 3rd party business intelligence tools like Microsoft PowerBI

Data Security


Organise users into security groups

Limit functionality / visibility by security group

Full administrative control over what different users can see



Integrated report designer

Create personalised reports, using data from multiple systems

Generate grower and financial reports

Allows you to set up for 'One-click' reporting 

Some of our Customers
T&G Global








Pinata Farms


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