FreshPack Kiwi

FreshPack Kiwi

Full traceability from harvest to dispatch

FreshPack makes it easy to manage inventory data with customised reports and more.

Key Features

Efficiently pack any produce and provide traceability and relevant decision-oriented reporting throughout the value chain. 

Inward Bins


Receipting of bins

Capture of bin details

Capture of truck dockets

Scanning of bins

Schedule to grader or long term storage



Manage all product masterdata centrally

Masterdata push to sub-sites

Material groups

Quality Control (GC)


Capture quality results

Automated grade validation

Easily identify and segregate failed product

Trend reporting

Fully configurable QC defect definitions

Packing & Labelling


Set-up pack-run

Set-up graders

Select bins for packing

Print pack labels on-line

Palletise packs

Print pallet cards

Mobile Devices - RF Scanners & Tablets


Receipting & locating of bins & pallets

Bin tipping


Pallet enquiry

Load-out & despatch

Reports & Dashboards


Mulit-Level reporting

Easy to use pivot tables & charts

Customized reporting & dashboards

Interface to other Radfords products or third party applications

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