Mobilise your team

Enable mobility of your staff, capture data where it matters and make it available at the right place and time.

Key Features

Keeping up with current technology, FreshTouch introduces a new application which reduces the need for desktop computers and provides a cost effective platform and frontend for some of our existing applications.  Tablets are known as the pinnacle of mobile technology and provide users with touch and scanning capabilities simplifying and taking the decision making out of a lot of complex application screens and processes.

Pallet Enquiry and Location


Enabling quick access to enquire on the status of pallets without the need of PC in remote areas of Coolstores. Allows Coolstore personnel and forklifts to locate pallets into designated Coolstores and certain areas within these stores recording their row, position and height.

Condition Checking and Repacking


Integrates with Quality Manager to carry out quality checks in preparation for export loadouts.

Enables the scanning of single or multiple pallets and individual pack IDs onto pallets, while removing fruit for quality and in preparation for export loadouts. 

Preloading and Validation of Pallets


Ability to pre-check pallets against Market Orders and preload into designated areas in preparation for truck or container loading.

Ability to scan truck-side and provides a final check of product against the Market Order.

Fruit Loss


Provides the ability to easily record grower and non-grower losses incurred in the quality removal processes.

Pallet Temperatures


Records pallet and Coolstore temperatures on a portable device for the purposes of monitoring and auditing.

Pallet Cards and Labels


Provides the ability for a multitude of labels/pallet cards to be printed from the Coolstore floor where quality checks are being carried out.

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